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I am new


Christ Royal Assembly is a nondenominational, multiethnic church, where all people, irrespective of their ethnicity, nationality, race, colour, and age, social or economic status come together as a family to worship God, in an atmosphere of God’s love and power. It is a church where love reigns, and lives can be transformed by the power of God. We trust God, by the help of the Holy Spirit to attain and maintain an atmosphere of freedom, where people from all walks of life can connect with God in worship, and connect with one another through fellowship, leading to intimacy. It is a place where the word, worship, and prayer are given priority.

Vision Statement: To be a people after God’s heart, serving God’s purpose, and expanding God’s kingdom in the world.

Mission Statement: We are committed to helping everyone confess Christ as the Lord, connect to a congregation, conform to Christ’s image, and commit to the great commission.

Our Culture: Culture is the personality of the organization and it determines how people respond to leadership, vision, and to one another. The Culture of the Christ Royal Assembly formed the acronym regal: RIGHTEOUSNESS EXCELLENCE GENEROSITY ACCOUNTABILITY & LOVE

Core Value

  1. We pray without ceasing, night and day, building the kingdom through radical prayer and fasting (Isaiah 56:7; Matthew 21:13, Psalm 127:1, Luke 18:1-8, Matthew 17:21)
  2. We pursue intimacy with God resulting in Purity and holiness (Psalm 29:2; 2 Corinthians 7:1)
  3. We consistently model aggressive humility and servant leadership as we serve God’s people (1 Peter 5:5; James 4:6)
  4. WE exalt the word of God and sound practical teaching of the scriptures, train our children and youth to be radical disciples of Christ (Hosea 4:6; Psalm 119:105, Deuteronomy 6:1-5)
  5. We maintain order and excellence, while creating the atmosphere for the move of the Holy Spirit (Daniel 6:1-3)
  6. We celebrate the uniqueness of every person in our organization. (Philippians 2:3-4, NIV).
  7. We value small groups as being strategic to the building of a biblically functioning community (Acts 2:46-47)
  8. We maintain healthy commitments to family, ministry, career, and work (1 Corinthians 9:24-25)
  9. We give honor to those above us, beside us, and under us because of the calling and potential God has placed inside of them (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13)
  10. We lead the way in generosity – Our staff and church will go above and beyond to give sacrificially to the work of God in our community.